Montreal, Quebec, November 1st, 2018 – Seneca, an engineering consulting firm specializing in industrial materials process engineering, is proud to announce that the Lithion Recycling project consortium, of which Seneca is part of, has received a $3.8 million funding... Read more
Publication date 2 November 2018
Seneca is extremely proud and elated to announce that it is one of Quebec’s Top 25 engineering firms according to the newspaper Les Affaires’ annual ranking. Now more than ever, Seneca is excelling in large-scale industrial projects both in Quebec and abroad. “I share... Read more
Publication date 30 October 2017
As part of Polytechnique’s Design and Risk Analysis course, Raymond Simoneau, Eng., P.Eng., MBA, assists students in developing an industrial process. Through regular meetings, the students are challenged and get constructive feedback at every step. They are able to... Read more
Publication date 16 June 2016
Are you working in an existing industrial infrastructure? To simplify engineering and lower costs, the Seneca team can perform a 3D scan (even in complete darkness) that includes ducts, walkways and structural details. There are several advantages: More accurate... Read more
Publication date 16 June 2016
Le 16 février dernier notre ingénieure Maria Cristina Garcia, ing. s’est rendue au cocktail du département de génie chimique de McGill. L’objectif, discuter de la vie professionnelle d’une ingénieure chimique au sein d’une firme de génie et... Read more
Publication date 16 February 2016
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