Minimise impacts and create value

Any industrial project has significant impacts on the environment and generally faces a challenge in terms of social acceptance. At Seneca, our experts have helped many companies to gain a better understanding of their environmental impact and avoid a crisis in this domain, whether they operate in the food, mining, chemical/petrochemical or energy industry. Our interventions aim to reach three objectives:

1. Minimize the environmental footprint
2. Recover waste matter
3. Limit the cost of waste management or disposal.

To achieve these goals, we identify the environmental issues specific to your operations and then upgrade your processes.

Correcting or modifying facilities

Just one problem during processing control can have serious and costly consequences. Our experts analyze your facilities, the existing processes and the available data so as to pinpoint the source and the cause of potential or actual problems, and then to identify solutions. We recognise which products or forms of waste are to be avoided, and how you can be in compliance.

Emission recovery

Air, water and solid emissions must be reduced to a minimum. To do so, we can capture or reduce them. At Seneca, our team goes beyond normal waste management by identifying opportunities to recover them. Our experts suggest innovative ways to transform your emissions, thereby making your activities more profitable thanks to green investments. We reduce your impact on the environment, but most of all we help you create value.

Obtaining certificates of authorization

Our team can help you to obtain the certificates of authorization necessary to start production or to maintain the right to operate after your facilities have undergone modifications. We are actively involved, providing assistance and communications to the proper authorities, as well as all the detailed information that is required.

As independent professionals, we carry a capital of trust which makes a difference in your relationships with the authorities.

Green technologies

Many clients invest heavily in projects involving green technology such as CO2 sequestration. We help them develop their innovative ideas into new products and launch them successfully on the commercial market.

One of our clients was going to invest thousands of dollars to treat wastewater that was threatening the survival of nearby species. By examining the overall processes, our team discovered that a simple cleaning product was the source of the problem. Our intervention allowed the client to save a great deal of money!

Dominique Morin, Eng.

Vice-President of Engineering, Seneca, Seneca

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