Your industrial projects come with significant risks, and these risks should be recognized and taken into account, right from the beginning. That way, you will invest your financial and human resources—and your time—much more effectively. You will also get a functional and profitable plant into operation more rapidly. Seneca’s solid experience with plant operations in many different markets enables us to determine what the risks are, what their consequences may be, and how to deal with both of them efficiently. The sooner our expertise is applied, the more valuable it becomes—and the more it generates long-term, measurable results.


The implementation of any project component can hide a major risk. It is important to clearly identify and prioritize those risks in order to address them properly. Are you aware of all the risks you are exposed to? What are their impacts on your business? Is your company capable of addressing them? At what price? Are there alternate solutions? We can answer these important questions and make recommendations that will not jeopardize your operations or your construction project. Our engineers are not only able to identify and manage risks, they also find and implement solutions that make your industrial investment a success.


Technology risks

Every step in materials processing involves delicate unit operations. Our teams analyze each one so as to identify the potential risks, their potential impact on your operations, and the best ways to manage them while respecting your corporate culture.

These risks are addressed in the Seneca process package developed by our engineering team.

Construction risks

Building your facilities, starting up your operations and achieving the desired results on time and on budget—these objectives carry major risks. Yet construction activities present challenges that are often underestimated. Our experienced experts identify all construction-related risks, including on-site health and safety, and offer the right solutions to address them.

These risks are assessed and controlled through our proven management methods for all projects (EPCM or other).

Market risks

Our first mission is to determine if your project is viable, based on the market study you have carried out. We analyze market issues raised by your study and convert them into technical guidelines for process design. We ensure that the processing yields a marketable product that will meet market needs at the desired moment, and also be adaptable to change, thus helping you remain a leader in your market.

These risks are taken into account in the project charter developed at the beginning of the project.

More details on our approach

Seneca’s expertise can make the difference between a successful project and a failed project. Between a competitive plant and a financial failure. Between facilities that are safe and ones that pose a danger to the workforce and the surrounding community. Our extensive studies and safety analyses take all of the following into account:

  • The processing methods under consideration
  • The operation processes that are planned
  • The technologies to be developed
  • The substances involved and the risks they pose to humans and the environment
  • The product you wish to manufacture and market
  • CAPEX and OPEX
  • Facilities to be built
  • The timeline
  • The planned construction site
  • The required legal permits
  • Access to a skilled workforce
  • The supply of raw materials and other resources
  • Logistics for shipping and delivery operations.

Overlooking a major risk can sink your project! Our work methods eliminate such problems.

Benoit Couture, Eng.

President, Seneca

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