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To fulfill your industrial ambitions, you need capital at every stage of your project—from lab development to building a commercial plant. Seneca is your ideal partner for securing access to the funds you need. Our team has assisted many clients through their phases of funding for technical planning and EPCM management. Our expertise in technology and the power of our brand were their factors for success, especially on due diligence reviews. With our support, they launched their production operations on time and on budget, thus gaining the trust of their investors.


Our strength lies in our technical knowledge and planning. We carefully plan every stage of your project, ensuring that you obtain the necessary funds to demonstrate your capabilities, reduce perceptions of risk and carry out the next phase of development. To win the trust of your investors and of the market, our engineers work with you to determine:

  • What should the results be (OPEX)?
  • When?
  • What is the planned budget (CAPEX)?
  • How do we get there?
  • What are the planned resources?
  • What are the next steps for the construction of a commercial plant?


Our teams are used to working on projects that require grants. We accurately present the technical descriptions on grant applications to government agencies, with a strong emphasis on the link between the required funding and the project objectives.

World-Class Food Processing Company

Evaluation of performance and changes required for a separation unit FOG (fat, oil and grease) to eliminate non-compliance issues.

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Technology company

Feasibility studies for the construction of a commercial plant for the extractive metallurgy of platinum-group metals

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Orbite Technologies Inc.

Construction of a pilot plant to produce metallurgical grade alumina from aluminous clay deposits

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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