Safeguarding your plant without jeopardising your operations

Reasons why your industrial facilities might need to be altered:

  • You handle extremely hazardous materials
  • You face recurring grievances from your workforce
  • You must reduce costs associated with recurring injuries and illnesses
  • You are integrating a new technology
  • You have a lack of operational efficiency since implementing safety measures
  • Your facilities are non-compliant
  • A hazardous incident or industrial accident has occurred.


The Seneca team can help you. Our experts have a deep understanding of the reality of operating plants and have accompanied clients through projects large and small. We have worked with extremely hazardous materials, including unstable reactants, and with radioactive, toxic, active and biotoxic products. We have even worked in complex environments such as an explosives plant—hence we know how to control safety at every level of process, engineering, construction, start-up and operations. The basis of safety included in the Seneca process package takes all these notions into account. It is distributed to everyone, even the final operator, to ensure their safety at all times.

Intervening without jeopardising production

Our main health and safety objectives are to ensure the safety of the workers involved, and to achieve your business objectives. The key to success lies in operability. Our team analyses the problem and its associated risks and assesses all feasible solutions. We then offer the best solution, focusing first and foremost on operations but also on maintenance of the facilities. We do all we can to make your facilities more efficient.

Your objectives: some examples /

  • Analysis of risks associated with exposure to hazardous materials
  • Analysis of risks associated with running machines
  • Integration of a new technology
  • Proposing alternatives to fences and protective screens
  • Forecasts of capital and training in the event of changes
  • Development of a prevention program
  • Development of training programs
  • Organizing health and safety workshops
  • Analysis of the electrical classification
  • Explosion-proof treatment
  • Explosion-proof panels.
Multinational company in the fine chemical industry

Multinational company in the fine chemical industry

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie

Construction of a second-generation pilot plant for the manufacturing of blasting agents

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Confidential Client in the Mining Industry

Major modification to a hydrometallurgical process

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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