Modifying an operating plant

Optimise your facilities without jeopardising production

Worried that modifying your industrial facilities may have an impact on your operations? Rest assured. Improvements to your operating plant can be performed safely and rapidly, as long as they are managed by the right team.

At Seneca, industrial optimization projects address three of your main concerns:

  • Ensuring health and safety during the construction work and when operations resume
  • Preparing a rapid and trouble-free restart
  • Minimizing the intervention’s impact on operations.

We have completed hundreds of projects in operating plants and we are entirely at ease with this type of challenge. While more traditional engineering firms may hesitate at taking on such projects, we know with certainty how to meet your operational objectives without jeopardising your earnings.

Planning and collaborating /

Strategic planning

Before starting, we develop a strategy for completing the modifications, one that focuses on keeping the plant running for as long as possible and on minimizing losses. From the slightest intervention to the biggest change, including material selection and work sequences, everything is planned down to the finest detail.

Our resources and yours, working together

Our team members have worked in plants before. Our engineers have completed hundreds of improvements in operating plants. For these reasons, our resources know how to work with every typical department in a plant and with all the stakeholders so as to make the project a success.

To modify an operating plant, we work with all of your internal or external resources. Since each of your departments has its own concerns, strengths, weaknesses, needs and constraints, we work within your teams to address and meet their requests, without jeopardising the project as a whole.

The health and safety issue 

Many risks must be taken into account on work sites at a plant: the safety of operators and construction employees, hazardous materials, running machines, and more. We all wish to avoid any occupational injury, however minor. 

At Seneca, our resources have the proper tools and training to manage health and safety risks during the modification of an operating plant. We know all the procedures associated with industrial companies and are used to collaborating with the health and safety departments of various sectors. 

Our services: an overview/

  • Process engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Development of the 5S plan
  • Drafting of project justifications and budget requests
  • Analysis of return on investment
  • Safety review
  • Technical support for resumption/restart of operations
  • Construction management
  • On-site project management.


Our experts help industrial companies from around the world complete their work in optimized conditions, making it possible to create the products we use every day.


The secret to innovation: stretching the imagination, yet keeping it in control. Our teams are experts in creating new transformation processes to bring your industrial ambitions to life.


Our engineers have also operated plants and have built several of them for our clients. Our teams possess the knowledge and skills that guarantee the success of your most complex projects.


Our teams make your ambitions come true with the 5S Plan, a methodology developed to ensure your industrial projects are successful and lasting. No project is too small or too simple to go without a project charter.

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gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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