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Integration of a centralized bulk liquid egg distribution system

The project and its challenges

A large food processing plant wished to replace its tote ingredient feeding equipment with an automated centralized bulk distribution system. Delivery of whole eggs, yolks or whites by tanker trucks has the advantage of reducing losses and risks associated with drum handling.

The eggs couldn’t be exposed to any heat whatsoever, thus maintaining temperature control throughout the process was a major challenge. Our team developed and implemented a process that could be integrated into the existing facilities.

Our services included:

  • Process design (the Seneca process package)
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Project management
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering.

World-class food processing company


$4 million



The proposed solution

Adapted design

Our team designed and drew up a distribution diagram based on the existing control system, centralized infrastructure and the cooling system interface. The proposed design minimized the necessary capital investment, requiring few pieces of new equipment.

Cleaning system

Our team designed a clean-in-place system performed by a torpedo in the production lines. Since the system recovers the contents of the lines, there is very little egg loss—a significant improvement, since this is an expensive material.


The new distribution system’s centralized integration helped control egg retention time, thus limiting the risks of expiration. Despite the inherent complexity of a continuous distribution system, it was even possible to ensure the traceability of egg products in transit within the plant.

The results

  • Start-up of operations on time
  • Lower operation costs
  • Significant competitive advantage
  • Lower losses
  • Lower expiration risks of raw materials
  • Lower food-related risks on the production line regarding expired food
  • Elimination of health and safety risks associated with drum opening and handling with lift trucks
  • Possible integration of other production lines based on the availability of those bulk ingredients
  • Full traceability.

Our teams worked hard before starting the construction phase. We thought the project through, as we wanted to implement a robust system. Now, eleven years later, the system still operates as is!

Raymond Simoneau

Vice-President, Engineering and Process Development, Seneca

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