Innovate to surpass your competitors

When you invest in technology for your existing industrial facilities, you have a major opportunity to stand out from the competition or to reduce your operating costs. Simultaneously, innovation requires a significant sum of money, and brings its share of risks that you want to control.

To successfully integrate a new technology into your manufacturing plant, without excessive risks, you need to combine experience, flexibility and technical expertise. Seneca’s team has completed many industrial innovation projects worldwide, and is ready to advise and assist you.

Our collaborative approach

In partnership with your team, we study your existing facilities, the targeted business objectives, the technologies that can meet your needs, the gaps to be filled, and more. We then make detailed recommendations, including CAPEX and OPEX estimates.

Our team knows the challenges that come with maintaining a plant in operation. Hence we recognize how important it is to reduce implementation risks as much as possible and avoid interfering with manufacturing activities. Our expertise in risk management and our in-depth knowledge of industrial operations will ensure a worry-free transformation and a quick return on your investment.

Our project teams cover these bases and more:

  • Assessment of a change’s impact at the plant level
  • Complete analysis of your processing system
  • Detailed integration planning
  • Risk assessment for control and mitigation
  • Implementation optimization (to avoid interfering with production)
  • CAPEX and OPEX estimates
  • Development of the project schedule
  • Support in obtaining patents to protect your new competitive advantage.


Our dedicated experts are familiar with all the technologies available on the market. To find the best tech upgrades for your production facility, we will identify the ones that match your business objectives, your technical environment and your budget. If no single technology is a perfect fit, we have the expertise to develop one.

Your objectives: some examples/

  • Reduce production costs
  • Limit the number of staff needed for handling hazardous materials
  • Enhance the use of business assets
  • Eliminate health and safety risks
  • Minimize the environmental footprint.

To help you use technological innovation to rise above the competition, our team does things differently. We optimize your project by questioning every parameter and locating every improvement.

Raymond Simoneau, Eng. P.Eng., MBA

Vice-President, Engineering Development, Seneca, Seneca

Multinational company in the fine chemical industry

Multinational company in the fine chemical industry

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Food processing company

Relocation and upgrade of a plant producing and packaging sauces

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Technology company

Feasibility studies for the construction of a commercial plant for the extractive metallurgy of platinum-group metals

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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