Preliminary design studies and estimates


Regardless of how it is called—preliminary design study, feasibility study, evaluation assessment—the right homework is crucial to launching your industrial projects successfully. It lets you identify all the construction parameters (teams, schedules, budgets), obtain the necessary funding, and apply for permits. At Seneca, our in-depth knowledge of industrial projects and processing enables us to plan your projects with great accuracy. We assess the actual scope of work and recognize the resources you need. We have carried out over 650 such studies, for companies of all sizes. Our expertise and methods are recognized by many institutions who can finance your ambitions. With us, you will feel in control of your project. You will know how to make your industrial facilities operational.


Our challenge is to define a project that is within your budget’s envelope. We design a process for you and apply VA/VE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering) to reduce costs as much as possible. We strive for every possible way to reduce the required funding: smart long-term purchases, used equipment, optimum technological choice, simplification of the process, lower cost optimization of nearby resources, and more. It all adds up!

Our services: an overview /

  • Estimating CAPEX and OPEX
  • Project charter
  • VA/VE (Value Analysis/Value Engineering)
  • Preparing studies with different methods: FEL, stage-gate, DFSS, PMI, etc.
  • Defining or reviewing the project scope
  • Completion strategy for project stages (pre-feasibility, feasibility, preliminary and basic engineering)
  • Constructability study
  • Technology choice
  • Contractual strategy
  • Estimating costs and schedules
  • Defining subsequent steps
  • Preliminary engineering
  • Process design
  • Design (electrical, mechanical, instrumentational, etc.)
  • Support in applying for funding, grants and permits.
Alliance Magnesium Metallurgy Inc.

Evaluation assessments for the construction of a smelter for the production of magnesium from tailings of serpentine rock

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Bouygues Energies & Services

Increasing the capacity of a thermal power plant (36 MW)

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Centre de recherche universitaire

Construction of a demonstration plant for the development of fermentation-based bioprocessing of wastes

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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