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Construction of a demonstration plant for the development of fermentation-based bioprocessing of wastes

The project and its challenges

The goal of the project was to build a world-class bioprocess demonstration plant that would use the fermentation from sewage treatment facilities’ wastewater to produce biopesticides and bioplastics.

Seneca contributed to process design and detailed engineering for the construction of a demonstration plant of the highest quality. Strict hygiene standards, combined with a complex cleaning and sanitizing system using live steam, were critical to the success of this process. Our services included:

  • Plans and specifications
  • Process design (the Seneca process package)
  • Mechanical engineering, and instrumentation and control
  • Technical assistance during construction
  • Technical assistance during start-up.

Centre de recherche universitaire


$25 million



The proposed solution

Equipment design

Seneca suggested using custom-built fermenters instead of purchasing high-priced fermenters from the pharmaceutical industry. Our team had a local designer prepare the detailed drawings. Seneca then controlled the manufacturing quality, the delivery and the installation. Our team’s involvement translated into significant time and cost savings for the overall project.

The results

  • Reduction of supply costs
  • Shorter completion time
  • Respect of the allocated research budget.

Our team’s perspective

Without our team’s technical expertise, which led to the design of the custom fermenters, there would simply be no plant.

Dominique Morin

Vice-President of Engineering, Seneca

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