Building pilot and demonstration plants


Whatever your project entails, the pilot and demonstration plants are crucial steps towards achieving your industrial ambitions, which are to build a commercial plant that will produce a marketable product. These preliminary steps not only show you the project’s parameters. More importantly, they help you to obtain the funding you need. At Seneca, our experts can help you shine at this stage, especially by taking charge of the testing phases. Since 1997, we have helped to build over 50 pilot plants around the world, in a wide range of fields: metals extraction, chemical/petrochemical, energy, recycling, and effluent treatment. In fact, our intervention goes beyond pilot plants, as our team has the skills and infrastructures to lead your project to success.

Helping you reach your objectives/

Convincing investors and buyers

Pilot facilities have one major goal: to demonstrate the viability of your industrial project in a way that confirms sales to your future clients and puts your investors at ease. To do this, we provide a detailed 5S plan, which includes a project charter and the Seneca process package, at the start of the project. This invaluable tool brings all the critical data together: the objectives of the demonstration, the processing sequence, the infrastructures to be developed, the timeline, the detailed budget, the expected outcomes, the CAPEX and OPEX estimates of your final project, and the next steps to follow. These data, backed by a reputable external company, are what will reassure your partners.

Minimising costs and delays

In planning and building the pilot plant, respecting the budget and the schedule is non-negotiable. Exceeding the initially set parameters could jeopardise your success. For this reason, we create and manage these projects with a great care to:

  • optimize invested funds
  • reduce the development period
  • increase the start-up speed of the next plant
  • arrange sufficient funds for the next steps.

We know that your execution schedule involves major commitments. To respect it, our approach focuses on the demonstration. In contrast to a commercial plant, we do not develop permanent facilities. And since speed is crucial, we often work with used equipment to save time and get you up and running, so as to generate earnings as quickly as possible.


Services offered: an overview/

1. Process design (Seneca process package)
2. EPCM-mode project execution
3. Extremely detailed estimates
4. Support in applying for funding and grants
5. Help in obtaining income tax credits.


Seneca is a world-class engineering firm with proven experience in the construction of pilot plants. The team’s expertise in project management helped us launch our demonstration operations according to our objectives, our schedule and our budget. Thank you Seneca for your remarkable teamwork!


Louis Fradette, Eng. P.Eng., Ph.D.

Senior Vice-President, CO2 Solutions


Construction of a second-generation pilot plant for the manufacturing of blasting agents

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie

Construction of a demonstration glass recycling plant to produce a cement additive

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
Orbite Technologies Inc.

Construction of a pilot plant to produce metallurgical grade alumina from aluminous clay deposits

gestion-risques developpement-usines-pilotes chimie-petrochimie
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