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Industrial processing specialist since 1997

Seneca is a private engineering consulting firm specialising in industrial materials process engineering. We offer comprehensive professional services for the implementation of industrial investment projects in Quebec and abroad. Our proven methods help you carry out and maintain full control of your boldest industrial investment projects. These methods rely on what we call the 5S Plan, which includes the project charter to convert business goals to technical guidelines and the Seneca process package to provide technical success. Our team of over 100 experts have helped realize thousands of industrial projects in some 15 countries, ranging from the smallest changes to an existing plant to the construction of entire commercial plants in EPCM mode. We particularly excel in executing projects that require the development of new processes or the integration of new technologies into existing processes. We act as the path from your ideas created in the laboratory, to the pilot plant and demonstration plant, finally leading to their marketing. Our project teams follow proven methods based on this field’s best practices. They can:

  • Develop and optimise industrial materials processes;
  • Carry out preliminary design studies and estimates;
  • Set up pilot or demonstration plants;
  • Build a commercial plant in EPCM mode and manage its start-up;
  • Modify existing operating industrial plants.

We operate in the following markets: mining and metallurgy, food processing, recycling, chemical and petrochemical, and energy.

Empower your teams

Seneca collaborates with your employees. Building on their strengths and knowledge, we advise and assist them in carrying out your industrial projects. We help your teams further their skills, increasing their comfort level in your company and their ability to work with you. You will benefit from mobilised and motivated experts who know how to reach your objectives.

There is no wind that blows right for the sailor who does not know where the harbour is.

Philosophe de l'école stoïcienne


To use our team’s creativity and technical expertise to improve the competitiveness of industrial firms, by offering specialised services to carry out industrial process engineering projects.



Respect is the foundation of all relationships with our collaborators. We must all behave honestly and respectfully toward, among others, our clients, employees, suppliers, and government authorities.

Desire to Excel

Overcome our own limitations every day, on our own and with the help of our peers.

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