Jean-François Legault – A Talent that Builds its Path from a Blank Page

Jean-François Legault, Design Team Supervisor

Jean-François Legault has been with Seneca for over six years and has extensive experience as a piping and mechanical designer in industrial environments. Supervisor of the design department since September 2014, he leads a team of drafters and designers who distinguish themselves through their outstanding analytic and problem-solving capabilities.

Find out how he seized the opportunity to create his own position and became a shareholder in the company:

What led you to accept the shareholding offer?

Over the years, I have become heavily involved in the company. I was very flattered at the beginning by this offer. My first reflex was to ask myself what added value I could contribute to Seneca. I see myself continuing to grow within the organization by bringing stability to the design team and sharing my passion with our designers.


What does it mean for you to become a shareholder?

Certainly, this new role comes with new responsibilities. I will be the guardian of the company’s brand and Seneca will become an even bigger part of me!


What is your passion in your job?

I am passionate about learning, as I am fortunate enough to do with first generation projects like Lithion Recycling. We are constantly striving for excellence and surpassing ourselves, which is extremely engaging. When I got the supervisory position, I was starting from scratch. I was given a blank page to draw up my own position. That day was a turning point; I built my department by surrounding myself with the best assets.


What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

Our freedom to develop and give our opinion, which is always valued by our superiors. At Seneca, innovative ideas never slip between the cracks.


What is your best memory at Seneca?

I immediately think of the day that Dominique Morin, Partner and VP of Engineering, gave me my blank page. It was a gesture of trust that marked the beginning of a participatory collaboration.


A final word?

I was touched by the succession selection process, where all shareholders named the same successors without consulting each other. Then we were invited to get together to make a business plan to develop the company. This process reflects everything we do at Seneca. We are called upon to step out of our comfort zone, in a dynamic and collaborative context that stimulates us daily.

Publication date 9 June 2020
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