Nellie Bouthillette – The Strength of an Atypical Path

Nellie Bouthillette, Director, Engineering Services

At Seneca for over eight years, our Director, Engineering Services, Nellie Bouthillette, has distinguished herself by brilliantly combining employee happiness and technical skills. She optimizes operations and integrates new employees into an environment where teamwork is a way of life.

Find out how her involvement pushed her to become a shareholder at Seneca:

What prompted you to accept the shareholding offer?

I must be honest: it did not take me long to accept the offer! The answer was obvious and came naturally to me. Seneca is the essence of what I am looking for in an employer. His corporate culture, values and vision represent me deeply. To have the opportunity to preserve the company that Seneca is today is very inspiring.

What does it mean for you to become a shareholder?

At 35 years old, this is definitely my greatest accomplishment. Operating in a very masculine environment, I did not expect to fill an associate role like this so quickly. This new responsibility is an unparalleled opportunity for development in a niche where our processes are exceptional and have an significant environmental angle. It is a great gift that I’m being given today.

What is your passion in your job?

Having an atypical job that combines human resources and operations management is the best thing for me. My job allows me to learn and develop my skills while facing unexpected challenges. My role at Seneca is tailor-made for me!

What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

The authenticity and respect that emanates from the company and its employees. It’s refreshing to see that we can achieve our goals by being continually aligned with our values.

What is your best memory at Seneca?

Definitely my first annual team building activity with spouses! This experience made me realize how much fun we have together, outside of work, and it illustrated how powerfully cohesive our team is.

A final word?

Seneca’s process of selecting the succession internally is very important to me. The company’s actions align with its values and strong desire to keep its organizational culture intact, which I consider to be a beautiful mark of affection and love towards its employees. And I’m motivated; this great adventure has only just begun!

Publication date 4 June 2020
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