Frédéric Aubut – Get out of your comfort zone to always surpass yourself

Frédéric Aubut, Project Director

At Seneca for the past nine years, our project manager Frédéric Aubut has solid technical experience in industrial process design and the integration of new equipment into existing industrial facilities. Having built this experience both during his work in plants and as a project manager, he is as familiar with operators’ issues and constraints as with the challenges related to the productivity and efficiency of facilities. Find out what motivated this enthusiast team player to become a shareholder at Seneca:

What prompted you to accept the shareholding offer?

I love the company. I have Seneca tattooed on my heart. I love its values (respect and surpassing oneself), which align with mine, and I can say that it is like a second family. It was an obvious choice for me to accept this offer, since I was there in my career, I wanted to move up to the management of a company.

What is your passion in your job?

The diversity of projects: food, graphite, magnesium, fields that I knew little about at the beginning and that I have discovered and am passionate about today. Not only does each new challenge in each new sector add a new string to my bow, but I dive into each one, ready to learn afresh. I am particularly motivated by projects that take me out of my comfort zone and push me to expand my skills and reinvent myself.

What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

The company culture and the people, of course. What I appreciate is that I identify with my colleagues. They are even friends. There is a real team spirit and closeness that you do not find everywhere, especially in engineering. Plus, I have been with the company for almost half of Seneca’s existence, so I feel that there is a bit of me in the company.

What is your best memory at Seneca?

It was a major project that took several years of hard work to develop. Then when we finally started it, we celebrated our achievement together. It is a source of pride as project manager, since it was the culmination of all our energies that had been gathered around the table.

A final word?

At Seneca, we have great projects and a great customer base. I believe in the company’s potential. I know that we are contributing to the Quebec of tomorrow by focusing on innovative projects that will make a difference in the province’s future, both in human and environmental terms.

Publication date 2 June 2020
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