Emilie Nadeau – A Passion for Engineering and its Possibilities

Emilie Nadeau, Mechanical Team Supervisor

With a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, this great mobilizer is also project manager for Lithion Recycling, a sister company of Seneca, which aims to develop a recycling plant for lithium-ion batteries (particularly those used in electric cars). At Seneca for six years, she has made her mark thanks to her energy and team spirit.

What led you to accept the shareholding offer?

I love Seneca with a passion! Thanks to this company, I have rediscovered my love of engineering. I really like what we do, the projects are motivating and there is a great tolerance for risk that you do not find elsewhere. We are often reminded that just because others do not do something does not mean we cannot do it. And I find that extremely inspiring!

What does it mean for you to become a shareholder?

I feel that I will be able to share my passion with many people for a long time to come. To make it grow and communicate it as well. I want to share with everyone how extraordinary what we do at Seneca is. I have great aspirations for the company, and I am convinced that we can go very far.

What is your passion in your job?

What I am passionate about is developing new processes, new technologies and being innovative. With our clean technology projects, we are helping to create the Quebec of tomorrow. We are also constantly learning. Every year, I learn more and that is partly because we are encouraged to surpass ourselves. We also work with super competent people in a warm, family atmosphere. It’s the perfect scenario!

What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

Passion. It’s clear. It is shared by everyone. We put our hearts into our work.

What is your best memory at Seneca?

Apart from the moment I was offered the opportunity to become a shareholder [laughs], I would say that it was the creation of Lithion Recycling. It is a dream to work on a project that will make such a difference for the future of Quebec and of which we are the forerunners. No one has ever done what we are doing there. We had to find the financing, coordinate the construction of the plant, promote it and so on.

A final word?

There are many ways to do engineering and I can do so in a very stimulating environment. I would like people to understand how much of a difference we will make for tomorrow’s world. We have great resources in Quebec and with process development, we can support our customers.

Publication date 28 May 2020
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