Carl Côté – 20 Years of Project Success

Carl Côté, Project Director

Carl Côté is a mechanical engineer who started at Seneca 20 years ago. He has solid experience in the food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and chemical industries. He quickly distinguished himself through his strategies for optimizing resources, increasing production efficiency, and reducing losses by designing innovative mechanical processes.

Find out what motivates him to become a shareholder

What led you to accept the shareholding offer?

Seneca is a growing company. Being part of this pleasant continuity, a fantastic atmosphere, and a way of working that is truly distinct from other companies is a privilege that I naturally accepted.

What does it mean for you to become a shareholder?

In a way, it will help influence decisions to keep what is good and move the company forward in the face of growth challenges. It is also about reaching one’s full potential. It’s extremely engaging and motivating, the challenges that are ahead.

What is your passion in your job?

At Seneca, each customer has their own specific process, so our work is never routine. You must adapt and have the desire to learn continuously in all sorts of areas; it is a very intellectually stimulating environment.

What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

As I already mentioned, each client is unique, and each process requires adaptation and creativity. The unknown really does not scare us. For example, not all firms work with used equipment [the way we do]! We apply the experience we have gained in operation and adapt it to engineering to serve our clients.

What is your best memory at Seneca?

Our team building is not like in other firms, it is not trivial. It is neither a constraint nor an obligation. It requires commitment from those who organize it; it takes a lot of investment to achieve good team cohesion…which has always been a success, year after year.

A final word?

This is a new start for the company, even after 20 years of existence!

Publication date 11 June 2020
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