Jérémie Deguire – Creatively Combining Engineering and Client Support

Jérémie Deguire, Director of Business Opportunities

Jérémie Deguire is a mechanical engineer with a degree from the École de technologie supérieure. Currently serving as Director of Business Opportunities at Seneca, Jérémie has worked for the company since 2007. His determination, practical sensibilities and thoroughness make him a top-notch engineer.

Find out how his passion and creativity have led him to become a shareholder in the company:

What led you to accept the shareholding offer?

I wanted to continue pursuing my raison d’être. In a market in flux, I feel like I’ve been part of a family for 13 years now. Participating in Seneca’s growth is an extension of what I’ve achieved since beginning my career and I am proud of it.

What does it mean for you to become a shareholder?

Now that I am a shareholder, my accountability is greater. I’ve always been responsible and dedicated and now I can now contribute to the company at yet another level.

What is your passion in your job?

What I am passionate about is work that matches my personality and creativity. My background in mechanical engineering has helped me develop this creativity, which has been very useful throughout my career. When I propose realization strategies to our clients, I can combine this creative force while offering strategic support. I had the opportunity to create this position to manage our service offering and I am happy to be able to meet this need at Seneca.

What do you think is Seneca’s strength?

The creative aspect, for certain. At Seneca, we do things differently, with the goal of surpassing ourselves and doing our job well.

What is your best memory at Seneca?

When I made a complete turnaround and decided to manage Seneca’s sales force. This moment will always remain a significant one for me.

A final word?

I would like to stress the importance of the next generation at Seneca. I’m a great believer in that, and I’m driven by the knowledge that I can participate in our growth.

Publication date 16 June 2020
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