Seneca, 25 Years of Transformation Through Engineering

Today, Seneca celebrates its 25th anniversary.

25 years of transforming procedures, ways of working with industries and, by extension, the society.

Founded in 1997, Seneca was created by four enthusiasts of industrial transformation processes who were familiar with the terrain and the potential for sustainable development for future generations. During this same period, the organization was building its first business relationships with two major clients, for whom Seneca continues to carry out ambitious projects.

Over time, process engineering within Seneca has evolved exponentially. The local company has attracted and recruited outstanding engineers, and has made its place as a  leader. For 25 years now, we have been supporting manufacturers around the world in the realization of their innovative and complex projects.

Today, the company stands out thanks to its cutting-edge expertise, its committed team and its many innovative projects. Whether it’s for the design of projects contributing to reducing GHGs, developing a process for recycling lithium-ion batteries, or even for our support in the development of a new technology for the extraction of cleaner and less expensive magnesium, Seneca has made the dreams of entrepreneurs a reality for the benefit of our societies. 

The world is changing. The issues are increasing and becoming more complex. That’s why the Seneca team remains forward-looking, committed and passionate about positively transforming industries… one process at a time.

In this short video that is a piece of fiction, we had fun visualizing the future of our organization (in French)!

Publication date 20 April 2022
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