Hello, Twenty-five years ago, I founded Seneca with my colleagues Raymond Simoneau, Benoît Couture and [name to be added]. Today, I would like to take a moment to mark the end of this year, because I couldn’t imagine anything better than what 2022 had in store... Read more
Publication date 20 December 2022
An alliance of talented teams for the realization of large-scale projects Seneca, the company specializing in carrying out industrial projects focused on transformation processes, today announced the acquisition of Johnston-Vermette, a first-choice engineering partner... Read more
Publication date 28 September 2022
Today, Seneca celebrates its 25th anniversary. 25 years of transforming procedures, ways of working with industries and, by extension, the society. Founded in 1997, Seneca was created by four enthusiasts of industrial transformation processes who were familiar with... Read more
Publication date 20 April 2022
The company consolidates its management committee Seneca is proud to announce seven appointments to its team to support its growth. First, Dominique Morin, engineer and founding partner of the company, will occupy the position of President and CEO of Seneca. Raymond... Read more
Publication date 12 April 2022
A new life for lithium-ion batteries The new lithium-ion battery recycling process developed by Seneca has received multiple awards in the past year. A month ago, the team won three Honoris Genius awards (best engineering project, innovative project and sustainable... Read more
Publication date 8 July 2021
Remarkable Annual Review for Seneca While the pandemic has undoubtedly put a strain on us all, it has also revealed our adaptability and resilience. Not only have we overcome the difficulties, but we are ending the year convinced that we have made the most of the... Read more
Publication date 14 December 2020