World-class food processing company

Implementation of a central distribution system for high-density corn syrup

The project and its challenges

The client wished to use high-density corn syrup instead of granular sugar. The objective of the project was to bulk feed the unit operations of the production line for various products.

Seneca was confronted with two challenges: to quickly design a central system using existing equipment, and to handle a dense and viscous material with a high risk of quickly congealing and blocking piping. Our services included:

  • Process development
  • Design of detailed engineering systems
  • Functional description of control systems
  • Project management
  • Technical management
  • Technical assistance during construction
  • Technical assistance during start-up.

World-class food processing company


$2 million



The proposed solution

Innovative design

Our designers developed a design from scratch that made the best use of the existing unit operations. Thanks to a hot water–based temperature control system, the piping no longer blocked.

The results

  • Quick delivery of the project
  • No production shutdown
  • Seamless resumption of production
  • Lower formulation costs vs. production costs
  • Ease of granular sugar substitution.


The process design proposed by Seneca was highly innovative. The material is constantly in motion in the plant. We were able to say goodbye to sealing leaks, a recurring problem in our industry.

One of the Client’s project managers

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